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With his last breath, he saw the object of Caesar's seafaring e A lost city. A missing tribe. And treasure beyond imagining… When archaeologist Annja Creed attends an auction in Botswana featuring personal effects of an infamous explorer, she purchases a small and seemingly unremarkable piece of art. It's no The Staff of Aaron…the sword of Joan of Arc. After decoding an ancient scroll -- one that purports to pinpont the treasure of the Jewish Temple, lost for two thousand years -- archaeologist Annja Creed agrees to lead the party to recover the fin A holy war. An ancient scroll lost in history…until now.

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During a dig in Morocco, archaeologist Annja Creed and her companions are nearly buried alive when the khettara ceiling collapses, revealing a 1,year-old corpse. But when Bedouin bandi In Charlemagne's footsteps, a man who would be Holy Emperor… It was the kind of internet posting guaranteed to attract the attention of the American cable TV show Chasing History's Monsters: "Dog-headed men sighted by tourists in Avignon.

An invitation too irresistible to refuse from the Museum of Cadiz leads archaeologist Annja Creed to the sun-drenched southern coast of Andalucia, Spain. In a region rich in Moorish and Roman ruins, she leaps at the chance to join a dig across the Ba He was one of Russia's most infamous rulers, and he alone held the key to a legendary Byzantine collection of books, given to him in the dowry of Princess Sophia of Constantinople. Ivan Vasilyevich -- otherwise known as Ivan the Terrible -- owned a l In late s Paris, a young but promising illusionist dabbles in the arcane art of phantasmagoria.

But at his moment of greatest triumph -- unveiling a magical lantern said to open a door to the Chinese spirit world -- he is violently struck down by A dark goddess. An ancient cult.

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And a dangerous zealot… On the outskirts of the recently developed and prosperous city of Hyderabad, India, a new and luxurious housing complex has arisen. But several residents have been found brutally murdered. A book dealer lies imprisoned in a Boston mansion, an IV tube dripping a lethal narcotic cocktail into his veins. In thirty-six hours, he'll be dead. His final request is to receive a visit from one woman It wasn't the most hospitable invitati One mystery could change the fate of a nation?

The skeletal remains of a confederate soldier, hidden deep within the Paris Catacombs. The legend of a long-lost Confederate treasure. An aged scrap of paper that reads simply, Berceau de solitude? Men would do anything for it But more important, the mythical black pearl is rumored to grant a power long cov It started as a dream -- a redheaded warrior king fought and died for his men centuries ago. The dream would lead archaeologist Annja Creed to the king's undisturbed corpse Deep in an archaeological In a remote part of Ireland, two archaeological teams dig for the find of a lifetime -- the legendary Spear of Lugh.

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Folklore claims the magical weapon was forged in the time of the ancient Tuatha de Danaan. But as the search intensifies, people begi A small Nepali man melts into shadows. A cutthroat crime lord is looking for a miraculous cure.

And a map to an impossible dream and a mythic paradise is pointing the way. Archaeologist Annja Creed is in Katmandu, awash in its scents, sounds and l In , a group of battle-weary American GIs trekked through the Vietnamese jungle knowing each step could mean facing the enemy's guns. But instead of ambush, they stumbled upon a hidden treasure beyond their wildest dreams. It was a discovery that Intrepid treasure hunters believe they have discovered the final resting place of Fantome, a legendary warship that wrecked off Nova Scotia almost two hundred years ago.

She was rumored to have gone down with an extraordinary treasure. But circling b Archaeologist Annja Creed and her sword have never been outmatched -- until now. When a surprise party for her mentor Roux includes some uninvited guests, Annja finds herself fighting desperately for her life.

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The intruders escape but leave a sinist A frigid spring morning at a Native American archaeological dig erupts into sudden and brutal violence, leaving five people dead and one man gravely wounded. And in a hospital, with archaeologist Annja Creed at his side, the last survivor utters his From the ashes of an ancient holy order comes an unholy relic… In the time of the Crusades, the Knights Templars were holy warriors who seemed to be blessed by God himself.

But over the years, the order dissolved into mysteries both sacred and pro In a land of subzero temperatures and snow-covered vistas, survival is a challenge. But for the Araktak -- an isolated and mysterious Inuit people -- this harsh tundra is their heritage. Until now. A large mining company has purchased the land, and t Genghis Khan carved out a legacy of bloodshed and conquered kingdoms that has lasted almost eight hundred years.

But while his name and deeds live on in the annals of history, his tomb has never been located Not everyone is convinced Archaeologist Annja Creed reluctantly accepts an assignment on behalf of a covert arm of the U.

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She is to lead an expedition to the top of Mount Ararat to find the truth about what is thought to be the remains of Noah's Ark. But while s Billiard Fishing Toss Games. Business Writing Skills. Graphic Novels Comic Strips. My Wishlist.

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