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Majid Tehranian explains that taking up arms has been allowed in Islam only in self-defense. This is external jihad, or lesser jihad. He also stresses that internal jihad, or greater jihad, is considered far more difficult and consists of purifying the soul of the impurities of greed, aggression and evil.

There is a strong connection between these two concepts of life transformation expounded respectively in Buddhism and Islam. As religious individuals, I believe it is incumbent upon us to dispel the prejudicial view of jihad as being linked to acts of terror and to convey an accurate understanding. As a representative of Buddhist scholars, I presented ideas from the Buddhist perspective at the conference, quoting passages from the Lotus Sutra and other Buddhist scriptures.

Through such exchanges of ideas based on the essential teachings of our respective religions, we expanded our understanding of how each religious community can contribute to the discourse on peace, environmental preservation and human rights protection.

What is unique about the IOP is that it is actively conducting dialogue with scholars of other religious faiths while basing itself firmly on the philosophy of the Lotus Sutra and the thinking of the first three presidents of the Soka Gakkai, particularly our founder, Daisaku Ikeda. Through these kinds of academic exchanges, mutual understanding on the level of religious philosophy can be developed, and misguided beliefs and prejudice can be dispelled.

A Buddhist-Islamic Dialogue

The content of this exhibition was informed by the work of our researchers and experts in the field. What are some emerging global issues the IOP is focused on and would encourage our readers to take an interest in? The first is climate change and environmental problems, the second is social, political and economic challenges, and the third is a crisis of the human spirit and a degeneration of ethics and morals. Ultimately, the last of these is the source of all the other problems—therein lies the fundamental cause of violence, holding the key to solving all issues confronting humanity, be they environmental, social, political or economic.

In that sense, our focus is on addressing all global issues. During his tenure as director, Dr. He is also a medical doctor with a PhD in immunology from the University of Kyoto, Japan, and is a recognized authority on the history of Buddhist medicine, bringing the insights of Buddhism to bear on contemporary issues of bioethics, medical and clinical practice. Updates and reports from around the world Human Rights for All view more articles. About Us. Stories and reflections on the Buddhist approach to life. Lloyd Ridgeon. Islamic Revival in Nepal.

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Daisaku Ikeda

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Book Global Civilization A Buddhist Islamic Dialogue

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