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Marcus Corvinus is the son of a senator but has eschewed the political ladder himself, making him high class but- mercifully, in his view and often in the political reality of the early imperial period- unimportant amongst the Great and Good.

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The books are written in first person and make Rome come alive. Marcus is a wise guy, right out of noir in many ways, but Roman through and through. The world and cultures at this time are both recognizable and utterly alien. The important historical facts are kept and even made more real by word choice. This prevents a weird cultural thing we moderns have about togas. The novels are divided into smaller mysteries and what Wishart himself calls political books. The smaller mysteries are akin to your normal murder mystery, but Roman.

The political books cover real events, or relate to real events. Wishart has Corvinus uncover conspiracies and even involves him in the overthrow of Sejanus. Wishart pulls together the pieces in an intriguing way.

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He always notes in his afterwords why he plotted certain things the way he did, as well as any discrepancies, usually related to timeline. Add a Review. Add To List. Also in This Series. More Like This. Table of Contents. Loading Table Of Contents Loading Excerpt Author Notes.

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Loading Author Notes LC Subjects. Corvinus, Marcus Fictitious character -- Fiction. Detective and mystery stories. Murder -- Investigation -- Fiction. Rome -- History -- Empire, 30 B.

Mystery fiction. More Details. Similar Series From NoveList. Corvinus is summoned by Livia, the widow of the late emperor Augustus, in order to discover what became of her grandson, Germanicus. He was a great warrior and led numerous campaigns in Germania, thus earning his name. He had been considered as an ideal example of a Roman ever since.

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However, Germanicus died under unclarified circumstances while he was in the campaign in Asia. The official explanation was that he became a victim of a mysterious disease, nonetheless, there is a vast number of those who believe that there was some funny business regarding his death. Now, it is upon the protagonist of the novel to solve the mystery once and for all.

Ovid (A Marcus Corvinus mystery Book 1)

Corvinus is no fool- he knows who Livia is and what her reputation is like. The empress was involved in several curious deaths of Roman noblemen. It is needless to say that Corvinus is not too happy to be put in charge of this case, but his love for mystery will certainly prove as a deciding factor.

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Nevertheless, Corvinus will find himself in the middle of deceit, and intrigues conceived by the big players and he may have bitten more than he can chew. Is Corvinus able to defeat the adversities coming from the court? It hit bookshelves in Once again, Corvinus is hired by a member of his family. This time, his stepfather Priscus sends a letter with an interesting suggestion. Namely, the gold statue that was a gift to the Oracle of Delphi was thought to be long forgotten. Nevertheless, it emerged on the black market and there is a long list of those who would like to get a hold on that statue.

One of those people is Priscus, as he sends his son to retrieve the Lydian Baker. However, things are not destined to go smoothly. A series of murders happens, as the impatience is too big, and the statue is too valuable to some to share it. First, the seller dies, and soon after the expert that confirmed the authenticity of the statue succumbs to dangerous wounds.

Once again, Marcus finds himself in the ludicrous whirlwind of crime as he tries to retrieve the Lydian Baker and get out alive. It may seem as the hazard of the job to some, but Corvinus finds a way to enjoy in all of this. His quips give him strength as much as his sword. There is some appeal in visiting the ancient Rome, the world we all know very good, from the perspective of a private eye.