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Dennis Weaver plays David Mann, a salesman caught up in the scariest case of road rage among the desolate canyon roads. Spielberg plays on the fear of the unknown, as did the source short story, and the viewer never gets to see the driver behind the menacing tanker truck that spends the entire film stalking David. After Warner Bros.

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Television and producer Richard Kobritz decided to try it as a television miniseries due to the length of the novel. Ralphie Glick at the window remains an all-timer in terms of scariest movie scenes. Romero was initially signed on to direct the miniseries for ABC.

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Those who grew up with this version usually agree that the ending is a mess thanks to the large spider. As tensions between the US and the Soviet Union escalated, eventually leading to the dropping of a nuclear warhead and sending the town of Sheffield into panic then full-blown destruction.

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The fallout becomes terrifying, as looters get murderous, disease and radiation sickness spreads, and food grows scarce. Cannibalism, famine, disease, and the regression of civilization into a more barbaric period. When a widow dies alone in a seaside town, young Arthur Kidd is sent to settle her sprawling estate. Originally airing on Halloween night in , this horror mockumentary was presented as a live televised event.

Involving BBC reporters investigating a house in Northolt, Greater London, where paranormal activity was believed to be causing trouble for a family, it caused viewers at home to believe the events were real. The BBC was inundated with phone calls of scared viewers, reportedly receiving an estimated 30, in a single hour during the airing. The documentary style was full of captivating energy, but what really made Ghostwatch so scary was its small attention to details; the ghost of Pipes could be spotted often lurking in the background of the frame, sending viewers into a bigger state of panic.

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Share Tweet. Published 1 year ago on April 11, Those with an aversion to bugs might want to skip the latest from "Under the Shadow" filmmaker Babak Anvari.

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By Kate Erbland 15 hours ago. After one episode, it's the delicate handling of a familiar conceit that keeps hope alive for Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters' new drama. By Ben Travers 16 hours ago. An Alfred Hitchcock classic is surgically implanted into the modern American healthcare system in a frustratingly generic Netflix thriller.

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By David Ehrlich 17 hours ago. Disney has come a long way since first thinking Marvel comics were "too edgy.

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By Zack Sharf 17 hours ago. By Eric Kohn 18 hours ago. Ford has remained big, but the world of movies has shrunk to a dot around him. Simply put, if Harrison Ford wants to find the work he deserves, he should move to television. Nothing huge.

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Something about a grizzled, complex, reluctant hero who rebuilds himself against all odds as he works towards an impossible goal. It would play to all his strengths and his character would easily be the equal of Solo or Book or Deckard or Jones. Failing that, he could just play my dad in the TV adaptation of that book I wrote last year.

That would also work. Oh, how I wanted to be Sandra Bullock: the brunette heroine that we all needed in After I saw Speed for the first time I wore my watch with the face on the inside of my wrist for years like her character did when concerned that the bus would make her late for work.

Sandra Bullock was beautiful, yes, but she was also just so charismatic. She made While You Were Sleeping seem charming, not stalkerish. She made Miss Congeniality a movie that you can still watch on pretty much any long-haul flight and I still do.

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Bullock won an Oscar for her performance in The Blind Side in , and of course she led Gravity, but these films are just so … earnest.