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Capital sentencing and judicial attitudes towards the death penalty in India and Bangladesh Read More.

Tickets on sale for October 5, 12222 VADP Awards Luncheon.

Aron John, former death row prisoner, regains freedom after 16 years in prison in Malawi Read More. New term, new chance to reevaluate death penalty Read More.

Department of Corrections : Oregon Death Penalty : About Us : State of Oregon

Is Zim ready to abolish death penalty? Read More.

Zimbabwe court declares corporal punishment on juvenile offenders to be inhuman and humiliating Read More. Poor knowledge underlines death penalty support: study Read More.

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  • Canada has been a fully abolitionist country since the 10th of December 1998.;
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Reflections of a visit to Taiwan in Read More. New reports on public opinion and unsafe convictions provide momentum for reform of capital punishment in Taiwan Read More. Lobby against death penalty heats up Read More. Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo discusses his firm belief that the death penalty is wrong and that it is time for American to banish capital punishment.

The Death Penalty for Drug Offences

Mayor Lori Lightfoot discusses the challenge her city faces in slowing the interstate flow of guns from Indiana to Chicago. He is a tireless advocate for death penalty abolition and has traveled the country for over 25 years telling his story and calling for criminal justice reform and an end to capital punishment.

In recent years, autopsies of people executed using midazolam have shown additional red flags: heavy lungs filled with bloody, frothy fluid, a sign of pulmonary edema. Supreme Court sparked fresh outrage over the death penalty by upholding the planned execution of a man who risks drowning in his own blood,.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order placing a moratorium on the death penalty in California.

The New Hampshire House voted to repeal the state's death penalty law with a margin that could survive a veto from the governor. Some of the most conservative states in the country are leading a new effort to abolish the death penalty. With nearly new members of Congress and Governors, NCADP is assembling a team to that can help educate these elected officials on the systemic flaws of the death penalty.

Before a scheduled execution, an additional officer is assigned to Death Row to observe the offender under sentence.

Death Penalty in Canada

Prior to the execution, the offender is transferred to a holding cell, adjacent to the execution room. The holding cell is where the offender is offered a visit from a spiritual adviser. The current method of execution is lethal injection. Indiana uses a three-drug protocol to carry out execution orders: Brevitol - to induce unconsciousness; Pancuronium or Vecuronium Bromide - to paralyze the respiratory system stop breathing ; and Potassium Chloride - to stop the heart.